( Untitled )


Hes a man with not too many flaws

All those scars stand for those pieces

Peace never was a heart filled half way full

Tops of bottles pop like the bras that night life brings

He never really new what liberation was

But screamed at the height of smoked filled mountain lungs

That he was free

But these thoughts aint of no Luther

Maybe a martin Luther

But a king stands mighty in the chest of poet

He rewords his works and contemplates writing a will

Of some sorts

But is scared of not reaching the willing

Like his soul aint enough to barter over

Bargains for his emotions

And pays respect to certain exes

The others are like tossed cigarette butts;

A little bit of tobacco left to burn…

A little bit of light headed, tip toe on egg shells,

caught in a daze love puffs


he cant stand those filters

"I hear they cause cancer

Or some shit…”

Promising one to the other

Empty bottles n rip condom wrappers

Coulda sworn he was protected

But affection always unwraps the finest in us

Broad shoulders to hold the weight of things he doesn’t need to

Wide eyes that pay attention to too way too much

Hes tired of seein some shit

Hes tired of being at the right place at the right time

But cant help it


Be entertained. But don’t be blinded. Open your eyes and question everything. Criticism is fine. Think for yourself. Nothing is perfect, but that is beautiful.

just a black kid tryna stop other black kids from dying
let’s stop gun violence ! 

just a black kid tryna stop other black kids from dying

let’s stop gun violence ! 

The official trailer for my short film “Mouse Trap” about stopping gun violence in the brown/black community. WATCH. ENJOY. SHARE. SUPPORT.

A trailer for my short film #MouseTrap on stopping gun violence in the Brown/Black community. Coming soon!

13/30- untitled

Is daydreaming like dying
Is staying stagnant fatal
What will our last breath taste like
Will our pasts be painted
In Portraits
Or graffiti

These are the unimportant
questions we ask
When we are too busy
Procrastinating on life