A trailer for my short film #MouseTrap on stopping gun violence in the Brown/Black community. Coming soon!


Mouse Trap is a poetry short film by Poet Shane Romero & Boston Director Cliff Notez about stopping gun violence. Please watch, share, comment. This is a message that must be heard.

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watch my last film before you watch my new film. 


Shane Romero - “Mouse Trap” (Official Poetry Short Film)

Shane Romero is a nationally touring Latino spoken word poet from Brooklyn, NY. With spoken word being the foundation of hip hop, its only right to feature his work on ForDaFresh.com.

Romero has been featured on multiple projects for Russell Simmons including his ALL DEF DIGITAL YouTube channel. Along with Boston Director Cliff Notez, Shane has created a poetic short film called “Mouse Trap” dedicated to 14 year old rapper from the South Side of Chicago “Lil’ Mouse” about stopping gun violence in the inner cities.

The film targets the Southside of Chicago and Brooklyn, NY.

Instagram: ShaneH_HFacebook.com/Cliffnotezart
Instagram: CliffNotez

Hakim “Kimo” Hill
Brian Johnson
Alan Kellman
Tyrek Green

Director Of Photography:
Anthony Soto